Colin’s Story

Colin J. Sasseen was only 14 years old when he was killed while skateboarding. He was doing tricks in the safest place possible- his driveway- when he tripped at the end of the driveway into the path of an oncoming car. He died March 29, 2007 of his injuries.

Colin was an avid skateboarder. Where he went, his skateboard went. He was on his skateboard from the moment he was out of school until the moment he went to bed most nights. His passion was skating. He was a great kid with a wonderful personality, Loving and generous almost to a fault. Many of his friends have told us that Colin was the crazy one. Always ready to try a new trick and he usually mastered what he set out to do. He and his friends would practice for hours to perfect one little trick.

He was so loved in the community of Lake Havasu City that his school was shut down so that his classmates could attend the funeral. Over 1500 people were there to show their respects. He will be missed by many for a very long time.

The Sunday before his death, Colin and his friends formed a group called “United WE Skate”. Their goal was to raise money for the new Tinnell Memorial Sports Park. They were thrilled that they had already earned $36.00 doing tricks for the tourists in town. On his way home, Colin has been quoted as saying ” WE need this skatepark so that we can keep the kids in town off of drugs and give them something to do so that they don’t get in trouble with the police.” This just highlights the type of kid that Colin was.

The generous people on the Tinnell Memorial Board have offered to dedicate the street section of the park to Colin’s memory. A total of $25,000 has been donated on Colin’s behalf to the memorial parks construction fund. There is still a large financial goal to meet to make this park a reality. We ask you today, to help make this dream (Colin’s dream) come true. You will be making a difference for several Lake Havasu City children by ensuring they have a safe place to do what they love and that is skate, and BMX. We, his parents, cant imagine a better tribute. Please consider donating what you can to the Tinnell Memorial Sports Park.

Scott & Julie Sasseen