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Design Meeting Friday Aug 12 2011

August 11th, 2011 in Events by 4 Comments

Attention! Bmx, Skaters, Scoooters and action sporters.
Great news!
Joe from Califorinia skate parks Design will be here Friday august 12 2011 at 6pm in the Aquatic center room 155
If you want to be a part of the design process and you have a element you want in the sports park Be there don’t miss this opportunity. It’s your park. be a part of Tinnell Memorial Sports Park. The public is welcome.
It is a design meeting! For design.

Author: Jake


lets get these plans going and lets get this park on its way. thanks for making it come true.



we need a park! lets see a street course with box jumps and transfers everywhere!The kids in this cicty will thrive and being from there myself, i know what a skatepark can do for a childs life. i am living out my dream because of what the old park inspired me to do. With action sports getting into a relm of possibility that park just cant amount to, that dream is dying for the action sports youth. we need a bigger, up to date, immagination inspiring park. i know we can achieve this! i can already taste it…

mat olson


I love you PAT!!! RIP

mat olson


This is happening, so all of you that really want this need to show your support. That means supporting our Mayor & City Council when they break ground to start the park as well as the Tinnell Foundation. We all know from experience that when something wonderful comes along there are always the “no people” that come out of the woodwork. I know you guys really really believe in this park and want this park so you will be called on to STEP UP and take ACTION for your “action sport”
Michele Webb “bmx momma”

Michele Webb


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