City Council Approved!

The Tinnell Committee is very excited to announce that the Lake Havasu City Council has approved to move forward with the construction of the Tinnell Memorial Sports Park.  We are extremely proud of all the youth that spoke at the city council meeting. You let your voices be heard about how important this park is to your quality of life, and the benefits it will have on our community.

What is next…?  On January 8, 2013 we will go in front of the city council once again to be awarded the funds needed to build the park and beautify the south end of Rotary Park which will include a south entrance and additional parking for all future community events.  Rotary Park is the jewel of our community, and it is time to spruce it up and show case Lake Havasu and all its beauty.   The design for the park is now in its final stages and we promise you, it is state of the art.  Professional Skateboarder Rob Drydek and his Street League Organization have committed their involvement in making this park a Certified Street League Park.  This will open the door for Professional and Amateur events in Lake Havasu and the international exposure that comes with those types of events.

Last but not least.  Spec. Patrick A. Tinnell, will be remembered in a way that will reflect his love of life, BMX, and honor him for his brave sacrifice.

The spirit of young Colin Sasseen will forever live on as he will be remembered for his love of skateboarding, and his dream to see Lake Havasu build this park.

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